Who may avail of the Service?
• Those who are actually teaching
• Teachers providing special services with regular teaching load
• Permanent teachers

Fees: None

Requirements for Applicants:
Master Teacher I
1. Permanent Teacher
2. Bachelor’s degree for teacher or its equivalent
3. Very satisfactory performance rating for the last 2 years
4. At least 3 years experience
5. 25 points in Leadership potential/demonstration teacher on the district level + 15 points in leadership potential

Master Teacher II
1. Master Teacher I (or ESP) for at least one year
2. Very satisfactory rating as MT or ESP I
3. Bachelor’s Degree for Teachers on its equivalent as provided in the Magna Carta for Teachers plus completion of Academic
Requirement for MA
4. 30 points in Leadership potential and achievement on the Division Level plus 20 points in Leadership and Potential provided the activities have not been credited in an earlier promotion