Engineer III

Provides technical services for schools, learning centers, and the schools division office to have a physical environment that is conducive to effective teaching, learning and working by ensuring access to adequate, structurally and physically safe buildings, grounds and facilities according to the requirements and standards of an education and work facility that is environmentally sustainable, hazard free, gender sensitive and friendly to people with disability.

The Education Facilities Section also provides services to the following offices:

  • Schools Division Superintendent for the purpose of
    – Providing updated report on the structural integrity of all school buildings and facilities
    – Informing the Superintendent on how the school buildings are constructed, whether or not
    – Standards and specifications of the DepEd are strictly followed
  • Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) for the purpose of
    – Ensuring the accurateness and correctness of technical documents submitted by the contractors
  • Planning Office for the purpose of
    – Providing accurate and updated data from the schools for the purpose of analyzing school needs
  • Legal Office for the purpose of
    – Providing a list of schools with or without titles